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Mr. DoBest settin' it off at I am Still Music Tour

He is one of SA’s best hip-hop DJs, with the ability to give kwaito DJs a Run for their money. He goes by the name of DJ OZ AKA Mr. DoBest and His time is now. We could start by telling tales about how he fell in love with Hiphop and DJing while he lived in Switzerland but you already read about that in our previous post...Fast Forward to NOW. Currently he is part of the lil’ Wayne’s “I’m still Music tour” as part of the DJ clique “Dope Jocks” which consists of 2 other dope DJs, DJ Zee and DJ Hudson. Besides doing the full Weezy tour,yep full tour, meaning he'll be playing at all 5 shows( he killed capetown already and tonite he's at the Dome), he was also part of the Trey Songz tour and has his own radio show on VowFM called The Total Package (TTP).

Some of the Clubs he plays at include: The Bank, Latinova, FTV Brooklyn, ZAR, and Icon amongst others. When asked if he considered himself the best, his response was “nah, I just DoBest” between the lines and we’ll see you at the next DJ OZ set. Lookout for his I AM MUSIC MIXES cumin' soon!!!

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